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Community Schools Alliance Trust (CSAT): Consultation on proposed admission arrangements for Barton Park Primary School 2020-21

The Trustees of CSAT are consulting on the School’s admission arrangements. These arrangements are for children who will be starting in Reception, Year one and Year two in September 2020. The consultation is taking place for a period of six weeks, between 7 November 2019 and 19 December 2019.

The CEO and Trustees of CSAT are responsible for offering or refusing places at the School. We welcome your views on the proposed admissions policy below. You can submit your views by sending your comments to , filling in the form at the bottom or by writing to CSAT, Cheney School, Cheney Lane, Headington, OX3 7QH.

Start of Proposed Admissions Policy

Introductory statement

Barton Park Primary School is a proposed local authority initiated free school to be located in Barton Park for the community and residents of Barton Park, Oxford, and the surrounding areas. The Community Schools Academy Trust recognises that this represents a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to define the educational landscape for Barton Park.

The key elements of our vision are:

  • To forge a close relationship between the family of Trust schools that will lead to an innovative, creative and skilled generation of young adults who will be lifelong learners, highly employable and emotionally intelligent.
    • To develop a partnership environment, where the school and parents work together to ensure children of all abilities and cultures achieve well above the national academic benchmarks and further thrive in our school.
    • To cultivate a supportive and highly effective culture which results in every pupil being able to develop as confident and resilient learners.

Admission number(s)

The school has an admission number of 30 in total across Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 in its first year of opening. This will be made up of 15 Reception age children in one class and a second class with a mix of Year 1 and Year 2 children who will all be taught together as one combined class in the school’s first year of opening.

The school will accordingly admit this number of pupils if there are sufficient applications. Where fewer applicants than the published admission number(s) for the relevant year group are received, the Academy Trust will offer places at the school to all those who have applied.

Application process

The school will process applications outside the normal local authority process for co-ordinating school offers. This means you will need to complete your LA common application form for your other choices of school in addition to a separate application for this school.

Applications for this school should be sent to Victoria Hathaway at the following address, or Barton Park Admissions, Cheney School, Cheney Lane, Headington,OX3 7QH and can be found here 

The closing date for applications is 15/01/2020

Offers will be made on 16/04/2020. If we have not entered into a funding agreement with the Secretary of State opening the school by that date, they will be conditional offers and will be confirmed once we have a signed funding agreement.

The application form can be obtained from All successful applicants starting at Barton Park in 2020 who are Reception age will be notified by email on offer day whether they have gained a place. If email isn’t available, applicants will receive a letter in the post – to be posted on the day places are announced.

Applicants applying for their child to join Barton Park Primary in year 1 or year 2 as an in year transfer will be notified after 1 June, and before 1 September 2020.

Oversubscription criteria  

The criteria in this section apply to entry at all phases of the school.

When the school is oversubscribed, after the admission of pupils with an Education, Health and Care plan naming the school, priority for admission will be given to those children who meet the criteria set out below, in priority order:

  1. Looked after children and children who were previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to adoption, a child arrangements order, or special guardianship order.
  2. Children who were previously looked after outside of the UK but immediately after being looked after became subject to adoption.
  • Other children who live within the catchment area (click here) of the school

5.   Children who live outside the school’s designated catchment area1 and are eligible for the pupil premium including the service premium. See point 2 for eligibility details.

  • Other children who live outside the catchment area (click here) of the school.


If in categories 2-6 above a tie-break is necessary to determine which child is admitted, the child living closest to the school will be given priority for admission. Distance is measured from the child’s home to the front gates of the school in a straight line.

Random allocation undertaken by the local authority or another body unconnected with the Academy Trust will be used as a tie-break in categories 2-6 above to decide who has highest priority for admission if the distance between a child’s home and the academy/free school is equidistant in any two or more cases.

Random allocation will not be applied to multiple birth siblings (twins and triplets etc.) from the same family tied for the final place. We will admit them all, as permitted by the infant class size rules and exceed our PAN.

Late applications

All applications received by the School after the deadline will be considered to be late applications. Late applications will be considered after those received on time. If, following consideration of all applicants the school is oversubscribed, parents may request that their child is placed on the school’s waiting list.

Deferred entry for infants

Parents offered a place in reception for their child have a right to defer the date their child is admitted, or to take the place up part-time, until the child reaches compulsory school age. Places cannot be deferred beyond the beginning of the final term of the school year for which the offer was made.

Children reach compulsory school age on the prescribed day following their 5th birthday (or on their fifth birthday if it falls on a prescribed day). The prescribed days are 31 August, 31 December and 31 March.

Admission of children outside their normal age group

Parents may request that their child is admitted outside their normal age group.  To do so parents should include a request with their application, specifying why admission out of normal year group is being requested and the year group in which they wish their child to be allocated a place

When such a request is made, the academy trust will make a decision on the basis of the circumstances of the case and in the best interests of the child concerned, taking into account the views of the headteacher and any supporting evidence provided by the parent.

Waiting lists

The school will operate a waiting list for each year group. Where the school receives more applications for places than there are places available, a waiting list will operate until the end of the academic year. This will be maintained by the Academy Trust and it will be open to any parent to ask for his or her child’s name to be placed on the waiting list, following an unsuccessful application.

Children’s position on the waiting list will be determined solely in accordance with the oversubscription criteria. Where places become vacant they will be allocated to children on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria.  The waiting list will be reordered in accordance with the oversubscription criteria whenever anyone is added to or leaves the waiting list.


All applicants refused a place have a right of appeal to an independent appeal panel constituted and operated in accordance with the School Admission Appeals Code.

Appellants should contact Victoria Hathaway – by 17/05/2019 for information on how to appeal. Information on the timetable for the appeals process is on our website at


Home address:

The home address is where a child normally lives.  Where a child lives with parents with shared parental responsibility, each for part of a week, the address where the child lives is determined using a joint declaration from the parents stating the pattern of residence. If the residence is not split equally between both parents then the address used will be the address where the child spends the majority of the school week. If a child’s residence is split equally between both parents, then parents will be asked to determine which residential address should be used for the purpose of admission to school. If no joint declaration is received where the residence is split equally by the closing date for applications, the home address will be taken as the address where the child is registered with the doctor.


‘Sibling’ means a natural brother or sister, a half brother or sister, a legally adopted brother or sister or half-brother or sister, a step brother or sister or other child living in the same household as part of the same family who, in any of these cases, will be living at the same address at the date of their application for a place.

Pupil and Service Premium priority:

Those eligible for Pupil Premium admission priority are:

Children who:

  • Are currently registered as eligible for free schools meals;

Children for whom their parents cannot provide evidence that their child is currently registered for free school meals, [or has been in the past 6 years] but where the child or its parents receive any of the following:

  • Universal Credit
  • Income Support;
  • income-based Jobseekers Allowance;
  • an income-related employment and support allowance;
  • support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Child Tax Credit (provided they are not entitled to Working Tax Credit) and have an annual income that, from 6 April 2011, does not exceed £16,190 (as assessed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs);
  • where a parent is entitled to the Working Tax Credit run-on (the payment someone receives for a further four weeks after they stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit);
  • the Guarantee element of State Pension Credit

Parents will be required to provide evidence of eligibility with their application.

Those eligible for Service Premium admission priority are:

  • children whose parent(s) are serving in the regular UK armed forces;
  • children of ex regular UK armed forces personnel who were serving in the last 3 years;
  • children where at least one parent died while serving in the UK armed forces and the child is in receipt of a pension under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) and the War Pensions Scheme (WPS).

Parents will be required to provide evidence of eligibility with their application.

End of Admissions Policy

The Consultation is being communicated by CSAT as follows:

  • Notification to Oxford County Council
  • Notification to prospective parents, carers and guardians of CSAT

Further to the notification to Oxford County Council, the Consultation will then be communicated as follows:

  • Head teachers / Principals of primary schools in the city
  • Admissions Forum
  • Oxfordshire County and District Councillors
  • Local Multi Academy Trusts

Recipients are welcomed to respond by emailing comments relating to the proposed admissions arrangements above to or by completing the online form below.

The purpose of the consultation will be to receive feedback on the proposed changes, and for the responses to then be collated and presented for full consideration. 

On conclusion of the Consultation on the 19 December, all responses received will be collated and shared on Monday 13 January 2020 for full consideration. The outcome of the Consultation will be summarised and the full report will be posted on this webpage a well as copy sent to the Department for Education.

Comments and/or suggestions

The Barton Park Admissions Consultation is now closed to comments and/or suggestions.